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The Italian Girl by Rossini

Tulsa Opera, 2022

Conductor: Leslie Dunner
Scenic: Michael Schweikardt
Lights: Deanna Byford
Costumes: Borrowed from Sarasota Opera 
Photos by Shane Bevel

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The Adventures of Honey and Leon by Min Kahng

New York City Children's Theater, 2022

Scenic: You-Shin Chen

Lights: Emmanuel Delgado

Costumes: Asa Benally

Choreography: Michael Raine 

Photos courtesy of Shintaro Ueyama of Triangle NY for New York City Children’s Theater, 2022

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Project Gallery: Pro Gallery

American Apollo by Damien Geter and Lila Palmer

Des Moines Metro Opera, 2022

Conductor: David Neely
Scenic: Calvin Stara
Lights: Bridget Williams
Costumes: Harry Nadal
Video: David Murakami
Photos by Jacey Rae Russell

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